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hat is one product that every company needs? Notepads!

Struggling to find that loose bit of paper on your messy desk? written down an order or even notes from a telephone call? So do your customers.

Why not make your customer’s life easier and be noticed at the same time. Giving a notepad with your details on can be an effective way to be first point of call. Who doesn’t like a freebie!

Selection of printed notepads

Low-tech promotional tool

No batteries required!

Sometimes the basics are the best way forward. Writing is the quickest and easiest way to get notes down fast and after all humans have been using writing techniques for over 5000 years! If it’s not broke don’t fix it.

Repeated reinforcement of your company name and logo

We all know that your company name and logo is your brand. This is what makes your company stand out. Now imagine your clients seeing this every day on their desks! We can add your phone numbers and even marketing messages to every page of the pad making these an even more effective tool.

Totally bespoke!

At 24 Hour Printline we make sure every job is done exactly how you as a customer would want it! No templates, no nonsense. We deliver a product that is ideal for you! Want a bespoke size... Not a problem! We can also print small runs, so no need to order a million pads just to make the cost cheaper.

Remember we do design too…

Quality design studio support – tell us what you need, and our in-house design team can create exactly what you need to your specifications, whether it's a single colour flyer or multi-page business brochure.


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