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Print marketing is an effective tool to be used at any event. Whether you are hosting your own event or presenting a display or exhibiting at a trade show, conference or even just networking, print marketing is great for some face-to-face engagement with your customers and other industry professionals. At events attendees don't always have time to give every stand their full attention. Handouts like brochures allow your visitors to collect more information which they can process and filter through later.

Trade show exhibitors are starting to go paperless in their approach to connecting with their visitors. While this initiative works great in theory, there is just one problem: people still want tangible take-aways. They don’t want to wait for you to send them digital PDFs and e-books weeks after the event.

Brochures, notepads, info packs and business cards can all be used to boost customer engagement, reinforce your brand and help gain new prospects. Take advantage of the tangible power of print!

Increase product knowledge

At your event you want to be able to give your lead all the information - they need to know who you are and what you do. Educating your customer will leave them walking away learning something new and getting them coming back to you for more. Giving them a printed brochure or leaflet ensures they have that information even when they have left your stand. Print is long-lasting – on average people keep print for around two weeks after the event!

Give them a gift

Giving your customers a small token gift can go that extra mile. Notepads are a handy small gift that they can keep in their pocket. If you have already attended an event you will know it is always handy to be able to take notes, this makes this the most practical gift you could give! And it keeps on giving when it’s on their desk the next day!


Showcasing your brand/product is very key to selling. By simply creating a unique brochure to engage your readers this could boost your product above the others. Bespoke sizes are a great way to stand out and be different - these can be brochures, flyers or even something simple as a business card. Why not incorporate a QR code into publicity print and direct your customers straight to your website?

Presentation is key!

Lead generation

Events are an amazing way to generate new leads and gain new prospects. However, unless you follow up your leads after the event you are very unlikely to produce a sale. The most important thing is to keep the details of all the customers that have taken an interest to your product. Sales lead sheets are a cheap and effective way to ensure you have all the information you need of your new leads.

Remember to follow up all your future customers – why not send out a postcard after the event? Something that is tangible and won’t lie unopened in an inbox!


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