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Interactive Print is one of the newest ideas to hit the print market allowing customers to bridge the gap between online and offline media. Marketing is more effective when multichannel media interact with each other.

Imagine being able to scan the image on your printed page. This makes your print come to life! Your landing site can incorporate video messages, along with traditional text and pictures.

Interactive print allows you to make microsites for your clients to land on as soon as your image is scanned. Unlike QR codes our software allows our clients to send us an image they want to be scannable. We then send back the same image but this time with an invisible code embedded. No QR codes scattered around your lovely artwork

Here are 4 different ways you can use interactive print

Brands with a story to tell

Have you got a story to tell about your brand? Promoting a new product? What inspired you? Is there a reason you get up every day and do your job? Clients love to hear why you started your business and what drives your passion. By using interactive print you can quickly tell your story without making your print look cluttered.

Conferences and events

Give you printed media more punch with interactive print. Change of speaker? No problem – just upload the information onto your microsite. Want to give more detailed directions? No problem with an easy upload. The combinations are endless. Effectively your new microsite becomes your digital guide. Print and digital working together makes for effective omnichannel marketing.

Need more room?

Standard flyers, business cards and mini-brochures all have limited space and rely on their audience seeking additional information themselves. This leads to limited engagement. By using interactive print you can immediately direct your audience to more information – and in a novel way. This can be easily changed and more information can be added at a later date. This gives your print a longer life while also keeping the information current.

Video messages

Innovation mostly is in design and finishes but how can we increase the appeal of print to “generation Z”? By using unique watermarked images, we can encode a direct link to a video on your microsite. Videos can be used for tutorials to demonstrate how your product works. Again the possibilities are endless

Get in contact with us and see how interactive print can work for your business. We can help create your interactive print and also your campaign, 24 Hour Printline will leave you stress free knowing your print campaign is suited exactly to your needs!

With Interactive print the possibilities are endless!

Remember we do design too…

Quality design studio support – tell us what you need, and our in-house design team can create exactly what you need to your specifications, whether it's a single colour flyer or multi-page business brochure.


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