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GDPR is a word people do not want to hear!

There has been a lot of scaremongering over the new laws that came into place in May this year. This has led to many companies having a channel of communication with their clients closed. Companies are too scared of sending emails as they could face fines of up to 20 million Euros or 4 percent of annual global (note global!) turnover, whichever is highest! New EU laws mean that company in the EU sending out emails needs their customers to sign up correctly to their mailing lists. This has become the main pain to everyone’s inbox.

There is good news…

The good news is that print marketing and direct mail have not been affected by GDPR! This means you can still use all of your existing customer lists with no worry of being sued! Not only is print exempt from the GDPR laws, it has major advantages. Print is long lasting, cannot be deleted, and clients keep print marketing for an average of 15 days! That means that instead of an email being deleted without even being opened, print has a curiosity value, longer life and is impactful.

Why does print work?

Due to the rise of electronic marketing, people are receiving less and less post. As a result, by getting a printed piece this has a greater chance of being opened. By sending out your own print media this impacts more with your clients. Sometimes showing a customer a visual can help you be remembered. No one wants to be spammed with emails. There are no worries of your print getting lost in a spam box or being deleted, your print will be at the touch of their fingers.

Keep it personal

Thank You cards are a great way of connecting with your clients. Merely thanking someone for a job can lead to increased customer engagement. Take us, for example. We have sent out personalised thank you cards with all our jobs over the last few months. We have had an overwhelming positive response to this, have reinforced our customer relationships, and in some cases this has led to more jobs being placed as a result of more interaction. It’s always great to show your human side.

Keep people up to date with your business

Newsletters are another wonderful way to interact with your clients. Keep them up to date with what’s new in your company. Have you got a new product launch or maybe a new service? Have you got new green credentials? Or has one of your team done an event for charity? Newsletters give positive reinforcement of your company. They are often kept and shared around. Print newsletters have a long shelf life. It’s common to hear back from someone who looks at an old newsletter. How often do you think somebody settles into their chair and reads an email or blog post from months ago? Again, it’s great to have a human connection and let your customers get to know your staff.

Reach more of your client base

The best thing about print is that it gives you a long-lasting and tangible way of keeping in touch with your customers. You can target all your actual and potential customers rather than the few people who have signed up correctly after GDPR. Hitting a larger target audience with tangible marketing leads to more response! Get greater engagement through print marketing rather than a random email.

“BUT … I have heard print is expensive!”…

A lot of people think print costs a lot. Emails may cost only a few pence each to send, but the click-through rate averages at 3%. However, by using the power of print you can personally reach clients and prospects with lasting, tangible marketing for lower than you might think.

What do I do next?

Three ways to get the maximum effect from your personalised print marketing …

  • Bring your contact list up to date. Ensure you have the correct details for each company and the correct address. A contact name is also very important. Keep your print more personal and targeted.
  • It is always important to make sure your design stands out and brings the reader in. This will give you the edge on your competitors.
  • Once you have your contact list and design you are ready to go! Make sure you use a friendly and helpful printer to get the right result. At 24Hour Printline we would love to guide you through how to get the best out of your campaign

As simple as one, two, three …

Give it a try!

As print is not affected by GDPR this is a very effective and efficient way to keep in contact with your clients. People will always open their post! 98% of people open their mail every day. Live your life without fear of being sued, there is need to spam your clients with emails. Give your updates a personal touch: Something visual and long-lasting. See the impact it makes on your business!

P.S. At 24Hour Printline we can help you design and print your marketing tools to help you stay in contact with all your client base.

Remember if you are struggling to design your own print we have our in-house design team at hand to put your ideas effectively on paper!

At 24Hour Printline we will print and despatch your mailing. We also deliver to Rochester Walksort office if you are going for a targeted door-drop. There are no automated emails - just friendly staff willing to help.

You can contact us on 01634 29 55 44 and speak to a friendly human or fill in our enquiry form just right on your screen!

You can also browse a full list of our services on our website www.24hourprintline.com or check out some of our other blogs.

When you think GDPR, think print!


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