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How do you make sure your brochure stands out?

Your brochure has to make an immediate impact. How do you grab the attention of your reader? How do you create a brochure of distinction? That’s what every person who creates a brochure wants to achieve.

It can be hard to make your brochure different from all the others out there. It is even harder if you are also working to a tight budget and deadline.

Making an impact with your brochure doesn’t have to be expensive

Many people will tell you that the best way to grab attention with a brochure is with a premium but expensive cover finish. Spot UV, foiling or special colours are all very impressive. However, they can’t be used unless you have a high budget. There is a more cost-effective way!

Simply changing the orientation of your brochure can give you the edge. A4 landscape brochures are an impactful way of showcasing your products. A double-page spread can be memorably eye-catching.

Here are five reasons to use landscape booklets

  • Premium showcasing of your brand
  • Distinctive
  • Unique

Many printing companies cannot produce landscape brochures. Many also fail to tell their customers that this is an option. This is great news for you, because your landscape brochure will have very little competition.

  • Impactful
  • Memorable

Examples of brochure and folder printing

24 Hour Printline specialises in producing A4 landscape brochures – and we do it quickly!

We’ve been producing landscape brochures for longer than we care to remember! We like to think that we do it better than many other companies out there. Here are a few reasons that make our brochure service better focused for the customer

  • Got an urgent deadline - we offer a seven-hour service. Send us your pdfs by 10am and they’ll be ready for pick-up by 5pm
  • Quickest brochure printing around – if you are really stuck we even offer a three hour turnaround
  • Design back-up
  • No robots – just a friendly person who will find the right solution
  • No templates, no nonsense, your product to your specifications.

Content is more memorable if it’s tangible ...


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