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Summer 2019 is officially here and it’s time to give your branded marketing a fresher look for the coming season.

Remember your brand is a vital asset of your business. As a business owner with a passion for your product or service, you want to ensure you get the emotional connection with your customers. Your brand message should convey this as clearly as possible.

Although your business may be well-established, your brand needs to evolve with your company.

As your business matures, so should your brand!

In Summer 2017 Printline rebranded all our marketing material – which was looking a bit dated - to gain greater brand awareness. This has given us instant brand recognition. Since we have done this our business has never been better growing month by month.

We brainstormed with our design team and wanted to come up with a branding that was instantly recognisable, while getting a simple message across. We have come up with an uncluttered, simple but effective design, adaptable to our different customer markets.

There is no better way to reinforce your brand than through the tangible appeal of print. We now have instantly recognisable branding on all our printed matter from our business cards through to our amazing bespoke brochures. In addition to rebranding our printed collateral we also updated our website, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin.

Five reasons why you should refresh your brand:

  • Help people understand what your business is about
  • Send out the right messages to your clients
  • Stand out from your competitors
  • Need a more professional image
  • Update your brand with new products

Take advantage of our amazing print and design packages and get started on your rebrand today!

We have a brilliant in-house design team, fully equipped to deal with any new rebrand designs. We work completely bespoke! No templates, no nonsense. We always make sure your design is exactly to your specifications. Contact us today for your free quote.

This is what Lynx Engineering had to say about the effectiveness of their rebrand
Thanks for all your hard work and the excellent quality printing of our brochures, sales cards, and internal paperwork – all printed in super-quick time. Since posting out the literature we have been inundated with new work and well as new clients.
Bill Shephard, Operations Director, Lynx Engineering - www.lynxengineeringkent.co.uk


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